Waiter/ Waitress Jobs at Accor Hotels UK with Visa Sponsorship

Waiter/ Waitress Jobs at Accor Hotels UK with Visa Sponsorship – Apply Now. This is an excellent opportunity for hospitality enthusiasts to contribute to our hotel restaurant’s exceptional dining experiences. This opportunity invites you to apply for the Waiter/Waitress position if you have a passion for providing exceptional dining experiences, a friendly and outgoing demeanour, and a desire to succeed in a hotel restaurant.

Join our UK team and help create unforgettable experiences for our esteemed guests. Start your career as a waiter or waitress for Restaurants in the UK  by applying today.

Details of Waiter/Waitress Jobs for Hotels in UK

  • Title: Waiter/Waitress Jobs for Hotels in the UK
  • Business Type: Full-day, part-time
  • Location: UK United Kingdom
  • Education: High School, Bachelor’s Degree, or Diploma
  • Experience: Minimum 0–2 Years 

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Responsibilities of Waiter/Waitress Jobs for Hotels in UK

  • Guest Service: You will be the well-disposed face of our eatery, guiding visitors to their tables with a genial and mindful attitude.
  • Order Taking: Record food and refreshment orders with accuracy, giving specific consideration to unique solicitations or dietary limitations.
  • Table Setting: Create an inviting dining environment by meticulously setting tables and arranging tableware.
  • Food and Drink Administration: Waiter/Waitress dinners and refreshments on time, guaranteeing their exactness and show.
  • Menu Information: Find out more about the menu to portray dishes and furnish visitors with customized suggestions.
  • Helping Clients: Answering expertly to guest requests, settling issues rapidly, and obliging unique solicitations
  • Billing and Payment:  Give precise solicitations, process instalments effectively, and instantly bring change back.
  • Cleanliness: Add to the upkeep of the café’s tidiness and cleanliness, in this manner laying out a satisfying eating climate.
  • Cooperation: To guarantee consistent assistance, team up with culinary staff and individual teams of waiters.
  • Upselling: Add to income development by upgrading the eating experience and proposing extra things or advancements to guests.

Experience and Qualification of Waiter/Waitress Jobs for Hotels in the UK

  • The contender for the place of Waiter/Waitress  should have the following capabilities:
  • There are no conventional training prerequisites, yet a secondary school confirmation or its comparable is liked.
  • Related knowledge as a Waiter/Waitress or in the neighbourliness business is favoured but not needed.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication abilities.
  • A pleasant and customer-focused disposition.
  • familiarity with food safety and hygiene practices.

Benefits of Waiter/Waitress Jobs for Hotels in UK

  • Measured Hours: Various cafés give adaptable planning, simplifying it for representatives to offset work with different commitments, like school or family commitments.
  • Tips: Customers much of the time tip the Waiter/Waitress team, which can fundamentally expand their income. The expense can change in light of the café, area, and nature of administration.
  • Group work: Working in a café requires collaboration with culinary staff, barkeeps, and hosts/leaders, among others. This advances participation and coordinated effort.
  • Customer Service Orientation: A team of waiters secures significant involvement with client support that is adaptable to different businesses. Businesses are sought after by competitors with uncommon client support abilities.
  • Quick Fire Climate: Eateries are much of the time high speed and dynamic, which can assist people with fostering their versatility and critical thinking skills.
  • Organizing Conceivable Outcomes: While working in the eatery business, you can experience different individuals, including clients, associates, and, surprisingly, expected bosses or tutors.
  • Food Ability: The team of waiters/waitresses inside and out information on different cooking styles, food planning procedures, and menu things can be pleasurable for food lovers.
  • Cash Management Abilities:  Numerical and cash-taking care abilities can be improved by working with money, making changes, and overseeing checks.
  • Actual Activity: The occupation can be genuinely requesting, requiring delayed times of strolling, carrying, and standing. This can assist individuals with outstanding truly dynamic and trim.
  • Social Contact: Working in eateries with a different customer base can widen your perspective by presenting you with different societies, dialects, and customs.
  • Income Enhancement: In the café business, numerous people start as waiters/Waitresses and advance to administrative or administrative positions, introducing amazing open doors for professional success.
  • Pay Upgrade: Tending to tables can give a kind of revenue while seeking different goals or interests.
  • Shift Food: A few foundations give free or limited feasts to workers during shifts, permitting them to get a good deal on food.
  • Advice Regarding Etiquette: Waiters and waitresses are oftentimes knowledgeable in eating manners, which is helpful for individuals and get-togethers.

This Job offers serious pay bundles for our Waiters/Waitresses that highlight worldwide advantages. Whether you’re looking for a passage-level business or another valuable chance to extend your calling, we offer preparation to foster the specialized and administrative abilities important to develop your vocation.

  • Weekly Pay
  • Free meals whilst on shift
  • Late Night Time & a Half (x1.5 pay)
  • £20 Taxi Contribution for late shifts (post 12:30 am)
  • Soho Friends Membership

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What we are looking for:

  • Team player who communicates well with all colleagues
  • Punctual, reliable, and trustworthy
  • Sense of urgency
  • Yes, yes, yes mentality
  • Can do attitude
  • Have a real enthusiasm for food and drink
  • Experience in cordiality or the hospitality-based industry would be ideal however not essential.

How to Apply?

Click Here to Apply


The UK welcomes you to apply for the Waiter/Waitress position if you have the energy to give excellent eating encounters, a well-disposed and active disposition, and a longing to prevail in a lodging café. Join our UK group and assist with making extraordinary encounters for our regarded visitors. Begin your profession as a Waiter/Waitress by submitting an application today.


How much do hotel waiters earn in the UK?

The typical Waiter/Waitress salary in the United Kingdom is £23,000 each year, or £11.79 each hour. Passage-level positions start at £21,216 each year, while most experienced labourers make up to £28,000 each year.

How do I apply to be a waitress? 

Visit eateries during their sluggish times and request to address a director about open positions. Bring copies of your resume and contact data for your reference. Search online worksheets for catchphrases like “Waiter/Waitress,” “food waiter,” and “eatery” to track down openings in your space.

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