Egg Rate in Pakistan May 2024

The current egg rate in Pakistan is Rs. 40.00 per piece, and the rate for 1 dozen eggs in Pakistan is Rs. 480. These are the prevailing market Egg Prices. Similarly, there is a slight variation in egg prices across different cities in Pakistan, leading to differences in egg rates among the cities.

Egg Price

MARKETPiece1 Dozen
Egg RateRs.40.00Rs.480.00
Retail RateRs.45.00Rs.490.00
Wholesale RateRs.40.00Rs.490.00
Super Market RateRs.42.00Rs.490.00

Last 10-Days Report

Price Up/Down+ 20.00
Percentage+ 8%
Today RateRs.40.00
10 Days Ago RateRs.35.00

Egg is the most consumed in Pakistan which plays an important role in the country’s culture and is eaten with great enthusiasm. The demand for eggs in the country has grown significantly over the years due to its affordability, versatility, and health benefits.

Factors Influencing Egg Prices in Pakistan

The price of eggs has gone up a lot in Pakistan in recent years. This is because it costs more to make eggs. Eggs are a big part of the cost of food for many families in Pakistan.

Dynamic Pricing of Eggs

The price of eggs varies based on several factors such as supply, seasonal changes, and currency, as well as production costs, transportation, and storage that affect egg prices.

Eggs A Nutritional Staple

Eggs are an important food for health and are consumed by many people, so the price of eggs is an important factor affecting the household budget many people also engage in the egg business from which they earn good money.

Here we have shared the up-to-date egg rate in Pakistan through the Government website. So the price of the egg is fixed. Another way the price of eggs in Pakistan is the same but the city has been different by some rupees.

Government Initiatives to Stabilize Egg Prices

The government is taking steps to ensure that the egg price remains affordable and accessible to all the people, and it can also promote the growth and development of the poultry industry.


If you are buying and selling eggs in Pakistan please visit your nearest shop, which can inform you of the up-to-date egg prices. These egg prices only have knowledge purposes.

Conclusion provides the latest Egg price in Pakistan on a daily basis. We collected all these egg rates through the Punjab official Government website because they have the sole authority.

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Check Your City Egg Rate

Below you can check the Major cities of Pakistan egg prices.

CityWholesale Price (1 Egg)Retail Price (Dozen)
⟟ LahoreRs.40.00Rs.290.00
⟟ FaisalabadRs.44.00Rs.300.00
⟟ GujranwalaRs.45.00Rs.299.00
⟟ ChakwalRs.43.00Rs.296.00
⟟ SahiwalRs.41.00Rs.294.00
⟟ GujratRs.46.00Rs.298.00
⟟ BahawalpurRs.47.00Rs.297.00
⟟ Mandi BahauddinRs.49.00Rs.293.00
⟟ BahawalpurRs.42.00Rs.295.00
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