Potato Crisps Production Jobs in Poland with Visa Sponsorship

Potato Crisps Production Jobs in Poland with Visa Sponsorship

Are you a skilled and passionate individual looking for exciting opportunities in the food production industry? Look no further! Poland is set to offer a unique chance for talented individuals to join the booming Potato Crisps Production sector in 2023, complete with Visa Sponsorship.

As the demand for delectable and crispy potato crisps continues to rise, the Polish market is seeking dedicated professionals to contribute their expertise and be a part of this thriving industry. This opportunity provides not only a fulfilling career path but also the chance to experience the rich cultural tapestry and scenic landscapes of Poland while enjoying the support of a Visa Sponsorship program. Join us in the heart of Europe, and let your skills flourish in the dynamic world of Potato Crisps Production.

Job Details

  • Job Country: Poland
  • Industry: Labor Jobs
  • Job Type: Potato Crisps Production Worker/Production Worker (Full-Time and Permanent)
  • Minimum Experience Required: No
  • Education Required: Basic English and Polish
  • Age Limit: None
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes
  • Relocation: Yes
  • Accommodation: Cheap Accommodation
  • Salary: PLN 9 per hour, PLN 1890 per month

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  • Women applicants aged between 20 and 45 are encouraged to apply.
  • No prior training or experience is required for Potato Crisps Production jobs in Poland.
  • This opportunity comes with a 2023 Visa Sponsorship program.
  • Join the booming Potato Crisps Production industry in Poland and experience cultural richness and natural beauty in Europe.
  • Your skills and enthusiasm are all that’s needed to start a fulfilling career in this dynamic field.

Benefits of Potato Crisps Production Jobs in Poland

Employment Opportunities:

Potato crisp production is a significant industry in Poland, and there may be various job opportunities available, including roles in manufacturing, quality control, machine operation, and more.

Competitive Salaries:

Salaries in Poland can vary depending on the job role, location, and experience. However, Poland offers competitive wages in many sectors, including manufacturing.

Visa Sponsorship:

Employers in Poland may sponsor work visas for foreign employees in certain job categories, depending on their specific labor needs. Visa sponsorship typically requires a job offer from a Polish employer.


Typical duties in potato crisps production jobs may include:

Potato Preparation:

This may involve the peeling, washing, and slicing of potatoes using machinery or manual methods.

Frying or Baking:

Operating fryers or ovens to cook potato slices until they become crisps. Monitoring and adjusting the cooking process to achieve the desired texture and taste.

Quality Control:

 Inspecting the quality of the crisps to ensure they meet specific standards, such as size, texture, and flavor.


Packaging crisps into bags, boxes, or other containers. This may involve the use of packaging machinery.

Machine Operation:

Operating and maintaining production machinery and equipment.

Ingredients Handling:

Weighing and mixing ingredients for flavoring, including salt, seasoning, and additives, if required.

Inventory Management:

Keeping track of ingredient inventory and reporting shortages to ensure uninterrupted production.

Shift Work:

Many potato crisp production facilities operate around the clock, so you may need to work in shifts, including nights and weekends.


Collaborating with other team members to ensure efficient production and maintaining a positive working atmosphere.

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What is the salary of Potato Crisps Production Jobs in Poland?

The salary of Potato Crisps Production Jobs in Poland is PLN 9 per hour, PLN 1890 per month.

How to apply for potato crisp production jobs in Poland?

To apply for Potato Crisps Production Jobs in Poland with the possibility of visa sponsorship, you should follow these general steps then click Apply Now;

Update Your Resume:

 Prepare a well-structured and professional resume that highlights your relevant skills and experience in the food production industry. Make sure to include your contact information, work history, education, and any certifications.

Research Job Opportunities:

  • Start by searching for job listings on various job search websites, company websites, and online job boards.
  • Look for positions that mention visa sponsorship or are open to hiring international candidates.


Try to connect with professionals in the food production industry, both in your home country and in Poland. Networking can help you learn about job opportunities and potential employers who offer visa sponsorship.

Contact Employers:

Once you identify potential employers or job openings, reach out to them directly. Send your resume and a well-crafted cover letter expressing your interest in their company and the specific job opportunity.

Interview Preparation:

If you receive an invitation for an interview, be prepared to discuss your qualifications and the possibility of visa sponsorship. Understand the visa requirements and the specific process for obtaining a work visa in Poland.

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