Egg Rate in Barwala

MARKETPiece1 Dozen
Egg Rate₹3.89₹3.89
Retail Rate₹4.21₹4.21
Wholesale Rate₹3.89₹3.89
Super Market Rate₹4.03₹4.3

Last 10-Day Report

Price Up/Down+ ₹6
Percentage+ 1.52%
Today Rate₹401
10 Days Ago Rate₹395

Today egg rate in Barwala per piece is ₹3.89 and the 1 Tray egg price in Barwala is ₹116.7. This is the current market price of eggs in the Barwala۔

Eggs are an important food for health and are consumed by many people, so the price of eggs is an important factor affecting the household budget many people also engage in the egg business from which they earn good money. The price of eggs varies based on several factors such as supply, seasonal changes, and currency, as well as production costs, transportation, and storage that affect egg prices.

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